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production, screenwriting, filming, directing, editing, color grading

We were on a very tight schedule working day and night to deliver the best experience possible for this promo video of a new prototype. The whole video was shot in 6 different places under 3 days.

September 2015

Soccer Gambling

production, screenwriting, filming, directing, editing, color grading

Feel the winning touch in a new tv commercial we produced for an exclusive gambling brand. There is a new game in town! A prestigious gambling brand with top machines and service needed an elegant creative script and a video production that will reflect its premium image.

May 2018

Vojvodjanska bank: It’s easier than you think!


Nobody likes waiting in lines… not even seniors. To remind us that senior years are made for adventures Vojvodjanska bank turned to Rollercoaster production to make videos that educate the seniors on how to use the ATM and E-banking and show that retirement is easier than you think.

October 2017

E2U: Checkpoints of life

production, screenwriting, directing, filming, editing, animation, compositing, color grading

Do you ever find yourself searching for a copy machine? How about ID reader? Or free Wifi, scanner, money transfer, city map, coupon grabber… We present E2U all in one vendor machine! Creative team of The Rollercoaster production has written, produced, filmed, edited and animated a video for our friends at Creative light & The Easy Going Company. The Easy Going Company invents and distributes these lovable multi function checkpoints that can save your time and connect you to the world.

August 2017

Pray eyewear

production, screenwriting, filming, directing, editing, color grading

Producing videos is also a hand-crafted job. Touched by this great work by Pray, it was an easy task to articulate our creation.

April 2015

Victor Footwear

production, screenwriting, filming, directing, editing, color grading

London based brand Victor shoes are tailor made footwear premium product. So Rollercoaster production had designed a tailor made premium video for their family brand. Editing the craftsmanship process and filming the final luxury product, we delivered the emotional narrative in a smooth custom video.

December 2016


production, screenwriting, filming, directing, editing, color grading

Like the Roman Empire and Attila the Hun, Rollercoaster also went to Niš! Unlike conquerors from ancient times, Rollercoaster came to cooperate with Neopix, a young and global creative digital agency that spreads their work all over the known world. Rollercoaster conspired with their creative team to do a full video production and film the spirit of Neopix's sparkling productive atmosphere and diverse creative projects. The result? We delivered a super video and had an epic fun time producing it!

April 2016


production, screenwriting, filming, directing, editing, color grading

Rollercoaster is running at full speed! We are Script writing, producing, shooting and editing. Time is our only limit.Luckily we met Cleverlyst. Company that has reinvented regular paper schedules and turn them into time-saving check lists. We thought it was little peculiar at first but then we were amazed by the addictiveness of this simple yet highly effective product. Cleverlyst was amazed as well, and they came in for a second ride! Rollercoaster delivered production of an unboxing video and a full video production of an adventurous motivational video. We practiced a bit of mandarin, solved a couple of puzzles and went horseback riding. Forget the horse... We drove a Harley! And proudly learned that time is not found, time is made.

July 2016


production, screenwriting, filming, directing, editing, color grading

These days there aren’t much socks commercials going around… That is why we accepted to produce a video for an Australian footwear company Fortisocks. They specialize in foot-ware technology and It was a challenging task. Our copywriters wrote slogans, our directors of photography climbed mountains and traveled all-around the countryside to shoot the athletes in their peak performance… And in addition we had to invent the term for a whole new industry: Anti-blister footware.

April 2016

Playground ICT Hub

production, screenwriting, filming, directing, editing, color grading

Grown-ups have right to play as well! Take it from us the minute our production turns into work we know that we are missing something. Especially when we produce a video for Playground ICT hub! It is a new IT innovation center in the hearth of the Belgrade that gathers Startups, IT and creative community and offers them a place to develop their ideas, find new partners and grab a chance for some free education.

August 2017


production, screenwriting, filming, directing, editing, color grading

Rollercoaster creative team has just finished a kickstarter video for a fun motivational gadget THE GURUIST. It is the first ever dedicated device for your personal improvement. Every time you get in front of it - GURUIST will show you dedicated message you set up for the day or guidance from your chosen professional. Wide range of professionals includes coaches, therapists, nutritionists, trainers, guides, astrologers, and others. Whether it is a simple task list for the day or a professional made guidance for developing better habits, GURUIST will help you focus on what matters - your personal best.

July 2017
01:32min Inceptive Advertising Solutions

production, screenwriting, filming, directing, editing, color grading

Exciting products give exciting videos! We were thrilled once we saw the early prototype of the "Inceptive Adveritising Solutions" by activemirror. After an invitation to be a part of an activemirror creative team, we wanted immediately to contribute with this fantastic video.

September 2015